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Either as a tourist or for work reasons, I have had the opportunity to visit more than 40 countries. All of them have left in my mind a unique and distinct footprint, a permanent impression in the way of feeling my memories always associated to colours, flavours, scents and unforgeatable textures. And the contact with different forms of understanding life has enriched in an intangible way my appreciation of what is important and what is simply secondary. As Violeta Parra said in her known song, I thank life for those gifts that I have been receiving throughout the time, and I leave here a little sample of my impressions.

Mister IbrahimAegyptian blueNomadic lifeTatooine PlanetMotherhood 2Queen motherCarving ivoryMopeia bridgeHonestyFisher girlsThe origin of tragedyReturn to IthacaDionysus, the transgressive godVeniceDeath in VenicePeeling the onionGenuine Malt ScotchRushnykLa DoloresRoque Cinchado and EcheideOld Joseph, the guardian spiritThe face of eternityPura vidaGuantanameraThe city of columnsBerimbauThe tree fellingCarnavalitoMi Buenos Aires queridoThe mysterious islandMute witnessesThe dragon scalesMausoleumKuchipudiNamasteMan in red turbanThe island of godsThe saffron tunic 2SakuraThe sound of the shellCatwalkThe paradise lost 1The paradise lost 2

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