The election. First Award Salón de Primavera AEDA The hug. First Award Exposición Participativa de lThe light of the smile. Sennelier Prize in the SalNext year. El año que viene. Second Award ExposiciThe others. Second Award Salón de Primavera 2014 dPartying. Second Award in the Exposición ParticipaThe blurry memory of childhood. Sennelier Prize atIn the loft of memory. Second Award Salón de PrimaAge of Enlightenment. Honour Award in the Salón deThe pious veil of experience. Honour Award in the Silk. Honour Award in the Salón de Primavera 2015 Calas. Honour Award in the Malaysia On-line JuriedLITA CABELLUTJOSE ANTONIO LABORDETAHOMELESSBetween palm treesI am hereLife is a breath. Cover of 2019 Calendar AEDAThe phone callPirouetteThe language of tendernessElder sister 3BWhat my eyes sawTendernessCharacterWindows 9CarnavalitoFriends for everFishergirlIn the raw iceBetween the light and the shadowMemoriesLiving is worth livingLanguage without wordsI confess that I have livedMan with red turbanMemory trapWoman with sareeThe long and winding roadLights and shadowsTraces of timeA lifetimeSunset in IndiaPeeling the onionStudy on indigoJulioForgesMillion Dollar BabyPortrait of John MillsSadnessYesterdayMood IndigoMovieGuantanameraHarlequinTediumThe profession of museGood luckPure lifeNomadic lifePortrait of Teresa JordáPortrait of Tina MorianoIn the limitTimelessShop windowsThe tyranny of fashionBlue hoursAnonymousCamouflageIn twilightUntouchable beautyProtectionReflectionsMotherhood 10Vibrating with the stringsThe face of eternityBetween two watersOriental frenzySurvivorWindsurfCuddlyWhat a panoramaEgyptan blueEcstasyLight studyDahlia 10Light and complementary colours studyLotusesIris germanicaParrot tulipRose peonyLight study on rose peonyRainy forestStudy on rose colourAutumn tapestryThe tattoed mountainWaterliliesPoppiesFootprints and cyclesCamellia sasanquaPlum blossom study 2Chrysanthemum study 6Magnolia study 1Peonies study 3EucaliptusPeonies study 5Red gladioliIris japonicaOpuntiaGolden sectionStill life with spirals

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