In Nature, the colours of flowers are not capricious but they have the function of atracting the insects or animals which will make easier the pollination inside or outside the flower according to the day's hour or the year's season. 
In our culture, flowers and colours have been used, separately or together, as symbols or mut but expressive elements in a number of occasions.
The colour gives volume, character and expressivity to every kind of painting. But I have always thougt that, in the case of florals, the harmony, intensity and richness of nuances in their colours compose a unique atmosphere that sometimes becomes private and evocative and some other effuses in a splendid image of plenitude.

OPUNTIAStudy of light on white peoniesHippeastrumStudy of rose colourStudy of light on rose peonyStudy on plum blossom 2Study on plum blossom 6EucalipthusGingkoStudy of yellowDAHLIA SP.Parodia magnificaRudbeckiaDAHLIA SP.Bouganvillea spectabilisBouganvillea spectabilisAntirrhinum sp.Magnolia soulangianaLunaria 2Euphorbia pulcherrima

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